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Sep 18, 2009

Yummy Lips

Just discovered Hemp Organic Lipsticks by eco-consious company called Colorganics. The lipsticks are made of 95% certified organic ingredients, organic beeswax combined with carnauba & candelilla plant, and uses no petro-derived FD&C dyes. They deliver "natural pigments in a traditional lipstick shape, yet maintains it’s organic integrity". The company also carries lip tints, lip liners, glosses, and barlms in many different shades to match your skin tone and preferences.

Hemp products, and organic natural cosmetics, are safer for your skin and your health. Many of the mainstream cosmetics contain harmful chemicals and toxins that penetrate through the skin and get into our bloodstream. Thanks to Colorganics, you don't have to sacrifice health for beauty.

Be beautiful and healthy.


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