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Sep 24, 2009

Healthy Bites

Even with the economy down the hole, like most people, I refuse to let go of my weekly dinners out with my boyfriend.

I love how I don't have to worry about grocery shopping, preparing, and then cleaning up afterwards. I like the feeling of being pampered and attended to by the servers. I love that I can actually have time to enjoy my company. What I don't love is how annoying and time consuming it is to find a healthy restaurant with vegetarian, or raw, meals.

It's not that bad in the city, since I'm very familiar with the area and it's healthy choices. But what about if I have to travel somewhere? Where would I find a vegetarian restaurant in the middle of nowhere? Lucky me, I found Good Food Near You. This nifty site tracks you down (when you provide the zipcode of your location) then tracks down the most nutritious "good food near you". You can even customize your selections by lowest calories, lowest fat, distance, and more. Each pick comes a recommended menu dish along with its nutritional facts. The database boasts nutrition information for more than 220,000 U.S. restaurant locations.

Check out Good Food Near You for yourself. And next time you find yourself in an unknown territory, you won't have any excuses not to eat healthy.


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