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Sep 16, 2009

Mostly Raw Diet

Welcome friends to my blog and my first post. I promise to daily (except the weekends) update you with nutrition information to help guide you to better health and overall well-being. I will post recipes, fun food facts, latest research, fitness, reviews, events, my own daily diet, and more.

Why (mostly) Raw?  Our modern society is addicted to fast food, greasy food, overcooked food, and this toxic diet is contributing to most illnesses. Raw food is pure and healing; It detoxes your body, gets rid of toxic waste, and establishes balance so you can fight disease and infections. I put the mostly in because going 100% raw is very difficult, especially living in NYC. Since I don't live alone, I have to think of others. I can't blend in the morning, and the social aspect can get extremely difficult. So, I opt for a mostly raw diet, or as I call it "Raw 'till Dinner" diet.  I try to eat raw all day until I get home from work, where then I can indulge in some cooked veggies or a small salmon fillet. I don't eat meat, but do eat some fish sometimes. I usually don't eat eggs and I don't drink milk.

So please, for the sake of you health, join the CookingOptional  Revolution.


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