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Oct 14, 2009

Juice Detox

photo by amorphity 
A friend of mine just went on a juice detox program by Blueprint. He only did it for a day or two, which can still work. However, he didn't follow the directions properly and basically didn't prepare himself for it. In the end, it only made him feel worse and was a waste of money and time. If you are planning on doing a fast or detox, please take the time to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally. If you don't commit, the detox will only backfire and make you feel worse.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I have decided to commit to our own 3-day juice detox. I will bring my juicer and we will juice fresh fruits and vegetables every day for our meals, about 5 large glasses of juice a day. A few days before, we will prepare our bodies for the detox by slowly weaning out heavy dense foods and eat more leafy vegetables and fruits. A day before, I will eat only salads and water-based fruits like oranges and watermelons.

I will update our journey as we begin this weekend.

Wish us good luck.


Nopalea said...

you'll probably do better than i did when i 7-day juice fasted a couple years ago. i became so grouchy and hard to be around that i am afraid to give it another try. i'm looking forward to your update post.

Weight Loss Exercises said...

You are sooooo right about being prepared. I did a detox once and did not prepare one bit and it was miserable. I made it about 3/4s the way through before I quit.

Really makes me mad looking back and seeing how close I came. Oh well!

Great message though because it is so true!

Cindy said...

I tried detoxing and it only worked for a month.

Anonymous said...

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