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Oct 12, 2009

New Life Expo

This weekend: Oct. 16, 17, 18th, is the New Life Expo.

I went to it last year and it changed my life. New Life Expo is three days full of events, lectures, workshops, and vendors all focused on raw nutrition, yoga and meditation, and other forms of holistic healing.

Some of the most noted speakers will give hour long lectures and workshops. Here are some that I'm looking forward to:

Sean David Morton is a fun and energetic speaker whose prediction have changed the lives of many. he is not a psychic by any means, more like a historian. he will tlak about the year 2012 and how to prepare for it.

VIKTORAS KULVINSKAS is like the godfather of the Raw Food movement. Writer of the best selling "Survival in the 21st Century", he is wise and a must see.

Donna Perronne is a nutrition counselor, a juice fasting guru, and colonoscopy practitioner. I'm been seeing Donna since last year and attend her meeting. I'm looking forward to listen to her lectures.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what vendors have in store for us this year. Last year I bought lots of raw cocoa, gojji berries, macca, and coconut oil.

Tickets are only $15 for one day, or $35 for all 3 days. I probably won't have time to attend all 3 days, so I will most likely go on Saturday or Sunday.

Hope to see you there.


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