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Oct 23, 2009

Cold Postponed Juice Fast

My juice fast didn't work out that week because I came down with a cold. However, it was minor and only lasted 3-4 days. Before, I remember I would get sick for at least a week, so this was an improvement in my mind. I didn't have much body aches, no fever, no swollen glands, no cough, and no plugged ears. I did have the stuffy/runny sniffles though, but it wasn't bad.

But now that I am back to normal and feeling great, I can once again keep you up to date on the latest health news. Last weekend, i attended my second NewLife Expo in the city. I attened a few lectures and learned some new fascinating things. I gathered enough informaiton to write a lot of posts, so keep checking in.

Until next well.

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